Schindler Rechtsanwälte, currently involving 12 lawyers, was established by the lawyer Dr. Karl-Walter Schindler in 1952. Comprehensive legal counselling of the clients on commercial matters forms the main focus of the law firm.

The law firm is counselling national and international industrial and trading companies, in particular from the fields of automobile trade and automobile production, office communication, mechanical engineering, photographic and cinematographic products, telecommunications, information technologies and new media, and in part is active as an external legal department. Among others, automobile distribution law is forming one of the foci.

The law firm attaches particular importance to a qualified, pragmatic and result-oriented counselling of the clients, combined with continuous personal attendance. Preventive counselling is considered to be especially important.

In the ‘JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2004/2005’, the law firm was honoured as Law Firm of the Year of 2004/2005 in the category “Distribution Systems”.